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Bedroom Size Determination and Position Number Information

Bedroom Size Determination The following standards are used to determine the number of bedrooms required to properly accommodate a family of a given size.

DCHA operates under a two people per bedroom policy.

Based on the number of people in your household, you will be placed on the waiting list with a bedroom range. Example: If you have a household size of 3, your bedroom range would be 2-3. If you have a household size of 6, your bedroom range would be 3-6. Position Numbers

The Position Column gives you an accurate and up to date status of your application. This is where you stand on each waiting list you have applied for. This number can change multiple times a day in either direction.

Please be sure to check that the property you are applying for can accommodate your bedroom range. If it does not, you will see your position on said waiting list as "Waiting List not generated" in your position column. Example: If you are a two person household, your status on the Calcon Gardens waiting list will read "Waiting List not generated" because this property only has 3 bedroom units.

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