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Purchasing and Procurement Department

Paul Eberle

Procurement Manager

(610) 490 - 6212

Mike Pizzano

Inventory Control Officer

(610) 490 - 6243

The Purchasing Department is responsible for contacting vendors and for developing quality, price and delivery for items as needed.  When specifications are completed,

consultation takes place with the interested department to determine the type of materials actually needed, after which, the Purchasing Department then procures the material in accordance with these specifications. 

The Purchasing Department initiates and conducts all purchasing negotiations with suppliers for equipment, materials, services, contracts and related services and makes all purchasing

commitments to fulfill approved requisitions which are submitted by the interested departments.

It expedites deliveries and shipping information as necessary, verifies the accuracy of

suppliers' invoices,  receives the items into stock, approves them for payment and processes claims and adjustments on transactions.  It obtains any suppliers' catalogs, descriptive literature and pricing in which the various departments have a need or indicate an interest.


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