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     Public Housing is owned, operated and maintained by

Delaware County Housing Authority. There are 12 Developments,

consisting of family units and elderly units, located in

various parts of Delaware County, including Wayne,

Sharon Hill, Ridley Township, UplandChester Township and Neither Providence.


  Tenant selection is based on HUD regulations and prioritized

according to Local Preference points. The tenant pays 30% of his/

adjusted income as rent. Each month the tenant receives a rent

statement, and the rent is paid directly to DCHA.

Public Housing Employee Directory

Fax: 610-490-3305

Janice Roberts

Director of

Housing Management

(610) 490 - 6233

Tanya Barrett

Admissions Specialist

(610) 490 - 6218

Kate Wise

Housing Management Assistant

(610) 490 - 6209

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